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Have you ever used a rangefinder before? If not, that may be something you'd want to try first before diving right into it. I know they are certainly not for everyone, and are absolutely different from the SLR Hassy. The Hassy is the more versatile camera, by far. Telephoto, close-ups, viewing though the lens, precise framing... all things you can't do with rangefinders.

But for me, I love MF rangefinders. That's all I shoot. I would say certainly look at the Mamiya 7 if you want to shoot 6x7 or the Mamiya 6, which I shoot, if you want to stick with 6x6. While the Mamiya RF's are expensive used, they are still cheaper than a new Fuji. Though as mentioned above, being able to shoot both 6x6 and 6x7 with one camera is sweet, and the camera does fold up as well which is cool. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Rangefinders are very cool. I'm a happy Leica M2 user (besides the Hassy), far from the size of the Fuji or the Mamiya 6 or 7.

I just love the 6x6 and above size neg. I could just resign myself to being the old guy pushed down the hall of the nursing home in a wheel chair snapping shots with the M2, but Oh Hell No. I'd rather tumble off a mountain after getting that great shot that the newspapers and magazines would publish once finding my camera still on the tripod on the mountain as the last masterpiece captured on 6x6 by the obscure but extremely talented photographer names Lee.

OK that was a little off topic.

Your right about decisions, decisions. So, to keep up my health the best I can I'll do my work out after work and shoot some shots this weekend with what I have as I ponder what to do to lighten the EQ load.