Good morning, Mackinaw;

Across the top of this page there is a list of "buttons." One of them is "Forums." You used that one to get to here. Just to the right of "Forums" is one for "Groups." Click on that "Groups" button. If you do not see something at this point with the label "Canon FD," then over on the upper right corner of the screen is a box for "Groups," and one of those is "Photo Gear." Right now it has 23 listings. Click on "Photo Gear" and the Canon FD Group should be on the list that comes up right near the top. Toward the right is a box labeled "Join." Click on that one and it will take you through the process. If you see any other way to get to the Canon FD Group and you get there, there is on the upper right part of the page a box with the question "Join this Group?" You can click on that one also to start the process. The main part of the "process" is that it will ask you again if you really want to join the group. If you click on the reconfirmation box at that point, you are done. Welcome to BenjiBoy's Canon FD Group.

Come help us rebuild it.