The event was tons of fun! If you must know, it was our high school dance. It's not a formal dance, it's a casual one. It's like a rave or club party in the school. My god, I never imagined myself dancing and jumping spontaneously. Awesome.

I shot the XP2 at EI 1000. I managed to make 2 36 exposure rolls last for 6 hours. I had no flash, so I had to wait for the lighting guy to switch the strobe lights from "holy crap why is everything in stop motion" to constant output. When the lights did change, I managed to get shutter speeds of 1/80 and above. Outside of the dance floor, I had to ask people to face the lights in a way that didn't cast ugly shadows on their face. One thing I love about my EOS 500 is that its built-in AF assist light works great! It's worlds better than my 300D, which has none. I should be able to take the pics to my favorite lab this Monday and the scanned negs should arrive sometime next week. I'll be sure to upload some of the pictures here so you guys can see what XP2 Super looks like when you shoot it with your elbows up against your belly and your breath held.

Also, the Canon 50mm f1.8 is AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. It's somewhat less awesome on digital crop sensor cameras due to its 1.6 crop factor, but it's still quite awesome. The best value in the photography world for just $100.

I can't wait to see how my Facebook friends will react when they see everything's in black and white.