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Say me, how you adjust your development process for T-Max 100 in X-Tol or in T-Max Dvpr.
At previos week, I try T-Max Dvpr with recommend dilution and agitation at 20'C. And it seems that i obtain overdevelopment......
But at the same time I read in the DataSheet, that this conditions is optimum for diffuse enlargers......

Where is truth?
Certainly, I read, that conditions in DataSheet is start up only.....

But in other hand in DataSheet:
"These starting-point recommendations are intended to
produce negatives with a contrast appropriate for printing
with a diffusion enlarger."......

I need of some advice about adjustment conditions for making perfect print.
The only truth is that there are variations from the manufacturer and their test methods, compared to the end user. And there are variations in technique and process between each user. There is no one single development time that works for everybody. It's what works for you that matters.

Target a good print at Grade 2 filtration in your enlarger.
  1. If you get too much contrast for a good straight Grade 2 print, you developed your film for too long.
  2. If you get too little contrast, you didn't develop the film long enough.
The proof is in the prints that you make and how they look to your eyes. There is simply no other way of evaluating your negatives, for your process, other than printing them.

Also remember that another photographer (or Kodak) may give you a recommendation of how long to develop your film, but you may not like the same end results as they do. This is why finding a developing time that works for you is so important. We are all different, work differently, and like different results, so what works for me may not at all work for you.
It is safe to say that Kodak's recommended developing times are a good starting point. But it is only that, a starting point. The rest is up to you.

Good luck!

- Thomas