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What you will not change, however, is any damage that has already been done to the print, either visible or invisible. Discoloration is usually permanent. Keep in mind,also, that there may now be invisible non-soluable silver compounds in your print that may yet discolor at a later time. There's nothing you can do about that.

Doremus Scudder
I think I put my question out there a bit blurry from the beginning, thank you for the replies though. The prints are fully fixed and fully washed, the only thing is a minor delay inbetween these actions, wich created some colour changes. Since they are 50/60cm big liquid emulsion prints, and a pain to make, I will not take a chance and sell them, but exhibit them and then hang on my wall, if they discolor later only I can see it.
Maybe come spring I will feel up to making some more and invest in another big tray...

// Sarah