Hi there,

I know that the Hasselblad H1/H2 film cameras haven't been everyones cup of tea or first choice for Hasselblad camera however for owners of these cameras Hasselblad has released an H4x version capable of interchangable backs and taking film!

It has been some time since Hasselblad (or other manufacturer?) has released an updated film capable camera with the electronic advancements of the last few years. Ok, no good if you don't like electronic cameras, Hasselblads or 6x4.5 but interesting to see that they felt it worthwhile to spend the investment on an interchangeable back version of their previously digital fixed back only versions including the trufocus capability.

Downside is that one has to upgrade from an H1 or H2 as it cannot, at present, be bought as a standalone product. Wonder if "fleebay" prices of H1/2 will go up or down!

Does give an idea of how much a new medium format camera would actually cost!