I am putting a business plan together in that we will have a "pub" style hangout in the very international and artistically driven town of Aspen, where I live. In short order, you could sign up for a workshop, come back and develop and print your work. Or, you could be in town for a week of skiing, come in and rent a Hasselblad, Nikon, etc and then use our lab to develop and print your own film.

You could also get a latte and flop into one of the comfy couches or bean bag chairs and peruse a coffee table book, current issue of PDN, look at the current show on the walls, etc.

But either way, I aim to bring back real photography to a town in which the people who come to visit are stunned to find out that not even Anderson Ranch Arts center offers real film and darkroom workshops.

I think this could work and it is exactly the kind of thing that needs to happen to keep people interested in using film...

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I think that the photographic community needs to promote film more in the younger segments.

I know a lot of young and up and coming photographers that are fascinated with the subject, but knowledge and teaching is scarce (except from when you are on the Internet).
The only thing that can keep things going, is that it exist a marked for the companies supplying film and analogue material, thus, stuff like lomography can only benefit the situation.

I am pretty sure that if you'd shown a 18 year old the process on _how_ to make a photo, from pressing the shutter at a location, to a finished print (from a scan or a wet-print), that person would be fascinated and interested to learn more and shoot analogue himself/herself.

The problem is, perhaps, that there are very few younger people being thought this these days, so the knowledge and the marked keeps getting smaller.

Maybe have a mantra "teach one youngster per year on how to shoot, develop and print using film" would be an idea?