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Sadly, it looks like this is it for the Slavich papers in the US..... Email received from Digitaltruth:

The availability is dependent on the importer bringing it in to the US. At this point I do not believe that it will continue to be imported, but there is no way to know for sure and the importer could also change.

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--Jon Mided

Managing Director
Digitaltruth Photo Ltd
I was afraid of that. I don't think Digitaltruth really stocks much and relies on outside sources to fulfill orders. The problem is obviously at the source (importer) and, considering the sort of grim situation for paper, I doubt that there will be much motivation for someone else to pick up from where Freestyle left off. If they can't make it happen, I don't think anyone else could or would want to. I hope I am wrong because I really love the paper. I did stock up at Freestyle but it is not making me feel any better...and it was an expensive way to go.