Hello to everyone,
A few years ago PE recommended,on another Thread, red and green sensitizing dyes from from H.W. Sands. I purchased these dyes for $150/g and have been working with them ever since.
Now, H.W.Sands has quoted the same red sensitive dye at $395/g. Is there anyone out there who,like me, wants to follow PE's reccomendation and try this dye. I am thinking along the lines of a "shared purchase".
The dye arrives in dry form and must be weighed on an analiticle balance, then disolved in methanol and refridgerated.. After a couple of years at 4C, it still "works".
I have requested a quote from Honywell on another red sensitizing dye that, like the H.W. Sands dye is a green sensitizing dye, but will form "J aggrigates" and become a red sensitizing dye.