I came into a windfall, literally, of photo equipment. A friend of mine sent me her pinhole Holga, her 120 Holga and a couple of other plastic cameras with three rolls of Lomography redtone film. THEN, I'm at a camera shop getting a lens fixed. Another fellow in there heard the owner and I talking about shoe box pinhole cameras, my old vintage cameras, my 35mm Pentax (which was getting the 70-200mm lens fixed), and the slew of cheapie plastic cameras I pick up at 2nd hand shops. The gentleman who was listening to us talk about cameras happens to be moving. He brought in a couple of boxes of chemicals (of which I'm not sure if I should attempt to use them or not), trays, paper, tons, measuring cups, ect...AND a medium format Besseler enlarger! So not only do I have a friend of mine sending me some plastic cameras (I think they're cool in a very lo-fi sort of way - a bit like listening to vinyl records with the Rice Crispies soundtrack), I have a whole SLEW of totally awesome things for my storage room/darkroom. *giggles* It feels like Christmas! BTW, I did make the gentleman from the shop a couple of prints and I have a letter typed up for him (cold weather and pens and I do NOT get along). I also have a print made for the shop owner...and then I bought a 28-85mm Sears lens from him for $20.

NOW, to get to the photograph. (I just had to add a back story to it.)

Pinhole photos and the park. Same park as my first Coca Cola tin pinhole/paper photo that ended up with an 'angel' in the middle of the lagoon. Now I have a spirit watching the ducks? I think I may just have to go to my favorite cemetery in town to see what happens. Why not? Monday IS Halloween.