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The availability is dependent on the importer bringing it in to the US.
I'm fairly certain that Slavich wants to sell more of their product. And I'm equally certain there are darkroom practitioners who want to buy more of their product. I, too, have several packages of Unibrom 160 in my own darkroom. I originally gave it a try after Freestyle stopped stocking Kentmere Bromide.

Unfortunately the way things are set up in these distribution networks, all it takes is for any single entity crowded into the middle to decide they no longer care, and the deal is off for everyone. The manufacturers must want to make it, the shippers must want to accept it, the carriers must want to move it, the importers must want to import it, and the retailers must want to stock it. And, of course, the users must want to buy and use it.

But if there is only a single broken link anywhere in that chain...