Thankfully, I have never had any defective paper in all the Slavich packs I've used. I don't buy it because it's cheap. My primary paper is Ilford Galerie, which I consider to be the finest paper on the market. I use Slavich because of the rich coldness of the bromide, the matte finish and because I prefer to use graded papers. It's the only one of it's kind. Now, if there was another one like it I would pick it up in a heart beat regardless of the price. I'd eat canned tuna and ramen if I had too.

I can't imagine what is happening but there must be more to it because Freestyle sells stuff that no one else does.

sheesh but this is getting rather sad! I see a lot of young kids getting more and more into analogue so you'd think some of these small runs would be viable to somebody, eh?.