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I bought some Varycon paper from DT earlier this year & it arrived in a Freestyle box with a Freestyle packing slip. Postage was cheaper than if I had bought direct from Freestyle! I assumed that DT was some kind of re-seller.
Hopefully with the Slavich they are stocking it as it would be frustrating to lose access to an interesting emulsion.
Wow, too bad on another front too, albeit maybe cheaper shipping for some items.

The other front is that I "discovered" DT through this thread (I had been to the Massive Development Chart many times but didn't realize a place called "Digital" would sell film, paper etc. - the chart should have been a clue) and was delighted to see they carry *my* favorite paper and show in stock where Freestyle is out, namely Adox MC 110. I love the paper and Freestyle shows no hint of dropping it, but can't seem to keep it in stock, especially in 11x14. As that's the largest size I'm set up to print now and I shoot 4x5, it's my go-to size for display prints.

I hope the fans of Slavich paper arrange another source. I'd love a true cold tone paper but I'm not going back to graded paper unless for some awful reason I must. Modern VC papers are just too good and too convenient (only one needed to stock per size, no two developer trays to split development, burn with a different filter etc.) to go back. Now if they made the Slavich in VC and it were available, I'd certainly try it.