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- last time I made Ilfochrome it was difficult to wash as I needed to wash them several times before getting the bad smell out of them, how can I avoid this?
With all the cost and time consumption of Ilfochrome process, water and washing are the least of my concerns. I water them like B&W RC prints and did not notice any particular smell, but maybe my nose isn't very sensitive.
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- Getting this Ilfochorme prints dry was a trouble. What should I do to get them dry fast and for them to end up really flat?
I used a paper dryer normally used for B&W RC paper and it worked well. Paper came out flat but needed a little bit of post drying after leaving the paper dryer.
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- I use a gas mask in my darkroom, but this chemicals smell too bad. Is that normal?
I use a rotating tank processor so the chemistry is always contained somewhere, this may make a huge difference.
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- Whitout the water bath that it says I have to give after the second bath, as my Processor has only three baths will I be able to make the prints?
I have no experience with leaving out individual steps but would suggest following the recipes to the letter. Is there a chance you can do the fixing step outside of your processor? The fixing step appears to be the least critical step in the Ilfochrome process chain.

Given all your experiences with bad smell and wearing a gas mask, a tank processor could be a better choice for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Supposedly, Ilford has announced the imminent discontinuation of Ilfochrome paper, so all those of you who would like to try the process, now is the time to do it or forget it. As I wrote in this thread:

Here's what I plan on doing:
  • Paper can be stored in the freezer for many years according to what I have found in relevant forum postings. So I will stock what I plan on using over the next few years so I can continue to print my favorite slides.
  • Chemistry is more short lived according to these same postings but should last for 1-2 years, at least after heavy color corrections.
  • Chemistry will be either available after that or I will look into home brewing. There are a few threads here on APUG which describe recipes and refer to further info: here and here.