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I was being serious about the 105 2.5 being mandatory even though I put one of those goofy things after to indicate, (take with one level pinch of salt).

I think everyone ought to have one considering a pre ai can be had for around 100.00 if you shop carefully.

It's not especially fast but a good one can sure deliver the shot.

That's one of the bonuses we are seeing despite other products dropping like flies.
We get to try stuff we may not have had the opportunity to otherwise.
I thought you were. It's not just a standout but outstanding too. If you consider an aggregate of resolution, sharpness, color quality, build quality, durability and duration of manufacture it probably outdoes every other lens/formula Nikon has ever made or is likely to make. I have an old 10.5cm and almost never use it but whenever I have it has indeed delivered the shot.