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What "limitations and shortcomings" do you see being overwhelmed? Threads to questions like the OP's often decay into 'look at all the stuff I own' monologues, and not just when discussing specifically Nikkors. I don't really see that happening here. Could you be more specific?

I'm sure CGW will speak up to expand on his comment, but I agree that lens discussions tend to go the direction he described (as I understand it). I also agree with s-a that this discussion has been better than most. I think one thing that helps when discussing old Nikkors is that there are quite a lot of people around who've had long and varied experience with them, more so than probably any other 35mm camera brand.

The fact that there is sometimes disagreement is a good sign to me in that people have different tastes and concerns. The OP's mention of bokeh really helps to narrow the field with Nikkors.