I'm a 57 year old guy living in Norway, and I got my own camera way back in 1964. My mother was a professional studio photographer, and I used to borrow her Leica. Without she knowing it. She didn't like that so she gave me a Kodak Box camera. I don't remember which model, I lost it somewhere along the road.
In 1970 I went to sea and earned my own money. During a stop in Hamburg I bought me a Voigtländer Vitoret LR, and since it was right before Christmas I bought one for my brother too. However, he soon lost interest in taking pictures so he handed it back to me. I still have both cameras today. Mine is battered and worn, the other one is in mint condition.

I bought my first LSR in 1975, a Chinon. In 1976 i traded it into an Olympus OM-1. In 1977 I bought an OM-2, but that was stolen from me so I invested in a OM-2n. Later also an OM-2s. Including lenses from fish-eye to 600 mm tele and other accessories.
In 1982 I went on a trip to Hong Kong, and there I saw the Canon new F-1 for the first time. I fell in love with it immediately and bought one right on the spot. This camera followed me everywhere, on mountain hike trips and in underground mining operations. The frame counter has stopped and the light meter doesn't work in manual mode, but other than that it is OK.
Since then I have aquired three more New F-1s, plus a couple of old F-1s, and a collection of FD lenses.
In 1993 I went into medium format. A friend of mine wanted to sell his Mamiya 645S. I bought it, later I bought one more.
And a 645 Pro. And also a 645 Pro TL and a 645E plus a few lenses and handles.

About ten years ago, at the dawn of the digital age, I stowed it all away in a closet and locked the door, embracing the new digital era.
Ten years later, after a number of costly and irritating experiences with digital equipment, I emerged from the digital haze and returned to the analogue world. Luckily I had not sold my trusty old friends in the closet, so I dug them out and restored them into working order again!

I also have truckload of darkroom equipment. A few phone calls to my friends revealed that they still had their darkroom equipment. So I have bought from them what I found useable, mostly Durst enlargers, lenses, timers, lamps and so on.

So, that's my story!