So here it is. Camera flash which I christened 'The Bomb' mark I. It's got 200 joules in the caps, takes 6 seconds to fully load after 1/1 blast with my DIY HV-pack, and will soon be manually controllable to very small amounts (via the classical hack of exchanging the photodiode to potentiometer). The pack can theoretically deliver 139 fullblasts, in reality more likely less. So far so good, I'm only $20 in. Also need to fix a way of attaching the reflector. By magnets or velcro maybe? Also gonna replace the electrical tape with some bent plastic... Oh, forgot, I was out of DIN-housing sockets, had to use a cord socket instead, will also be upgraded in mark II.

Nice things are that it got tilt and swivel and that the foot has an mini-tele-socket for a sync-cable. Perfect for a radio trigger cord.