I saw a movie about the great photographer Keith Carter. He had his Hassy with his 80mm and said something to the effect of "I've made almost all of my photographs with this camera." In Twyla Tharp's book "The Creative Habit" she talks about how constraints actually enhance your creativity, rather that limit them. So go light! Take the Hassy and the 80, or the Makro and let that be that. You'll be surprised how very rarely you'll say "dang, I wish I'd have brought the 150!") Like almost never.

Case in point from my personal experience: I use only long-normal lenses, so the 127mm on the Mamiya, and the 110mm Macro on the Bronica SQ, which if you do the math are basically the exact same focal length. (One exception to this rule, but a very tiny one.) Since I read Twyla's book and "constrained" myself, my work has gotten much clearer and more focused. I highly recommend it.

You'll find too that one lens helps give your images an optical consistency, so they fit together better on the wall.