hi joe

check out

it is a website by a fellow who advertises / sponsors apug
it has a few tidbits about what might .. be your camera

your lens is a rapid rectalinaer ( or is suggested in the catalog ? )
if it is a 6.5" ( 165mm ) it converts to 11.5" (292mm)

you might want to poke around largeformatphotography.info for tips &c on using a large format camera.
it isnt' really that much different than using any other camera ...
except you put the shutter on bulb ( or time ) look at the subject on the ground glass / focus
close the shutter ...
take a light meter reading ( or guess, or do sunny 16 )
set the shutter / fstop
put film holder in the back of the camera ...
remove dark slide
trip shutter ...

then ... you process the film/sheets in a tray or tank or ...

it really isn't as complicated as it sounds ...

have fun with your camera !