[QUOTE=walbergb;1253378]I don't have the DGA head but I do have the Dichro S head. They look similar, so I assume they are similar (see manual). The condenser chamber is replaced with the diffusing chamber and the lamp house is lowered to the 2-1/4"x 3-1/4" position. It must stay at that position. Use a 50mm lens for 35mm negatives and an 80mm lens for medium format (focal lengths are approximate).

Are u saying my head should be at 2 1/4by 3 1/4 ?Because now its way off, near 35mm.

Looked at the manual for your Dichro. the big lens i have extra looks like the Diffuser lens. Dont know what its for tho.

I used very short exp times, like 3, 4 secs at f/8 , with some Magenta at 150 the contrast was pretty great.
thanks foryour quick reply!