I'm going through the same process as you and first found that by recording what I used in the field helped. I then decided to see how far I could strip my camera down and still find it useful. Traded the metered prism first for a nonmetered prism the, just the waist level finder, skipped the speedgrip, then moved from the 40mm to 40mm lens as it is a few onces lighter and then back to the 40 as I liked it better. Then stopped carrying multiple backs loaded with the same emulsion and moved to a lighter tripod. Learned to shot with the one lens and let my feet do the walking. It helped quite a bit but still heavey for me as I've lost more than half my body weight and a lot of muscle tone. I finally started to pack the Rolleiflex T as it was lighter and finally realized none of this was going to be the answer down the line so I set it all aside and now I just pack my Leica CL with the 40 and 90mm lenses. The lightest weight and highest quality combination I am sure I will be able to carry in the long run. Also, allows me to use a much light Gitzo tripod that I have.