James Dean – Baby Charlotte – A most skillful use of short depth of field in a low lighting/available light photo. The sharpness of her eye, draws you in against all the other softly rendered shapes and tones. This is also a fine example of a very nice low key image. Very touching.

Jim Rollinger – The Bean – An excellent capture of a most amazing subject. The distortions of the rectilinear tile pattern of the plaza floor are most captivating. I saw this piece of sculpture in person during a summer holiday a few years ago, and was most awe struck by the great urban park the Millennium Park is today. The engineer in me also was most struck by the challenges that must have been involved in fabricating it.

RST- A neat snap that gave me exposure to another culture’s take on the possibilities of street food. Additionally I enjoyed the apparently overcast lit scene being printed onto a matt finished photo paper. The scene is given more impact by the care in finely portraying the texture of the bricks in the paving and wall, as well as the stucco of the building.

Uwe Piltz – Stalingrad grave. Great framing. I enjoy the lower third being filled with low scrubby shrubs, and then the upper portion being divided more vertically by the window frame and vines. Nice sensitivity from the text as well.

Always nice to find these postcard images among the mountain of other bits of mail and flyers that seem to over fill my mailbox at least three times a week.

I know I get mail delivery five days a week, but my letter carrier or the upstream sorter never has adressed mail for me on Monday.

Friday I don't get any mail unless it is adressed to me. The letter carrier does shoulder a heavy bag on Wednesday and Thursday to get all the junk mail delivered those days.

Presumably it lets them make a short day of Friday.