I'm sure this has been mentioned on the forum more than once, but there is some very nice historical information about Nikkor lenses on the Nikon site. More of a technical approach but very interesting.

Link-Nikkor History

Here' the page on the 105/2.5.
Link-Nikkor 105 f2.5

There is a quote on that page that always intrigued me:
"An anecdote back from the era of the Nikkor Auto lenses. There was a lens that delivered incredibly sharp resolution, but the defocus image (blur) was not so good. particular lens branded the whole Nikkor Auto family with a reputation of having bad defocus images, especially in Japan."

I've often wondered about that, and exactly which lens it refers to. Since waynecrider (the OP) particularly mentioned bokeh, I think that is relevant in this disscussion. There are really only a very few possibilites for that time frame. I've come to the conclusion that the author is talking about the Nikkor-H Auto 50mm f2 (or possibly it's predecessor, though I am not familiar with its imaging characteristics).

Link for the discussion of the various standard speed 50's.

I do like the 50 f2 (inspite of far from stellar bokeh in some situations) so didn't immediately think this was the lens the author meant, but last night I spent some time researching the offerings of that time and don't find another likely candidate. Anyone agree, or have a different suggestion?