Great Kirk ! That brings us to 3, possibly 4. I think that 4 is plenty. 250mg each aint that many emulsions at 150-200mg/mole of Ag. Most of you are not the emulsion making maniac that I am . But the price of silver is slowing even me down.
There is the matter of what we want to do about H.W. Sands minimum order of $500. Do you want to purchase some green sensitive dye. I have a pretty good ammount of SDE3008. That I have used at only 100mg/m. I am perfectly willing to give some of that to all participants. If your serious enough to buy expensive dyes, your experience can only help me. Please note that I had to disolve the 3008 at only 0.2% in methanol, whereas the 3057 is at 1%.. I am also looking into the pricing of some red and green sensitizing dyes from Honeywell. IDK if they are any cheaper, or even if they will work as well as the Sands dyes.