Ok, I am back with results. IE50 is still the best speed, and I arrived at a developing time of 20'30" for 1:50 Rodinal. I agitate by shuffling through the stack once per minute per the technique detailed in A. Adams the negative. I have two sheets left that I am going to soup @ 1:25 for 10'15", and compare the tonality. I generally develop at 75F, so I can multiply a factor of .72 to the dev time. This makes it a little more bearable sitting in the dark -- along with Jimi Hendrix "Live at Monterrey".

I get a good contact print from these negs with no contrast filter. However, I like the tone a little better if I dev N-1, and compensate with a filter. The difference is VERY subtle, it has a more antique look to it, and the N processed negative starts to look really linear (like TMAX).

Chris Maness