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For me there is a categorical difference between 24mm and 28mm. I think of 28mm as the widest lens I'd use where I don't want an exaggeratedly wide look, like for an environmental portrait in a particularly tight space.

24mm starts to have a "wide look," so I'm more likely to use it for big landscape subjects, or photographing tall buildings where I want to keep the camera level and crop out the excess foreground, or for interior architectural shots where I've got a lot to fit into the frame and can't step back far enough.
I was going say the same, I agree 100%.
When I had a 24mm back in the late 1970's I found it was often just a bit too wide and switched to a 28mm a decision I've never regretted, I do have a 17mm as well. So I found the 17mm, 28mm, 50mm and 70-210mm (zoom0 combination ideal. Perhaps if the OP had a 35mm WA then the 24mm/35mm.80mm suggestion would also be a good option.