28 and 24 are not very far apart in focal length, but there is a notable difference in "feel."

I use 28 as a wide that doesn't really look all that wide. It is part of my main 3-lens kit, which consists of 28, 50, and 135.

I use 24 when I really want a WIDE look, or when I simply need to cram more into the frame because my rearward movement is limited.

I use the 24 as more of a special-purpose lens. I would not like to have it as my only wide. I have to get too close to subjects to use it, and I find that it can easily create a gimmicky "look! I'm using a wide angle lens" look. A little distracting for most of what I shoot. But using a 28 is as easy and fluid for me as using a 50.