My (not a real) name is Jali from Jakarta, Indonesia, a 90s generation, a 35mm shooter and an avid follower of the sunny 16 rule.
My experience in analog photography started when I was in college. Although my major is graphic design, but there was a photography class for 2 semesters. I learned all the basics: aperture & speed tricks, b&w photography, dof, panning, darkroom, etc.
After that class, I was abandoning my old analog SLR, switched to a digital compact camera and forgetting all the lessons about analog photography for 10 years, until the year is 2010. I found my abandoned Yashica 108 in the closet, and started shooting film again. And then....it all came back.

I bought another camera, and another one, and then others, and I found myself deep in love with mechanical cameras. I began to learn (again) the very basic theory of photography: the sunny 16 rule and amazed how effective yet underrated this rule is. So I've become obsessed with sunny 16 and bought cameras that can be operated without batteries: a Pentax MX (lightmeter is broken), a Canonet, and a Nikon F2 (also with broken lightmeter). Those are my holy trinity

Learning sunny 16 is a real challenge, the cost is hundreds of discarded frames, but I just keep shooting more and perfecting my settings to shoot with the rule.