I started with the Hasselblad in the late 70's. Most of what I use, without the extra bodies and backs and the long, telephoto lenses, fits into a Pelican 1510 case that goes on the back of my Harley. I do not even try to carry any of it, anymore. I, also, have a Pentax 67II with three lenses in a backpack that I am trying, but the camera that has really taken over for when I have to carry it, not stick it in or on a vehicle and for when I cannot use a tripod, is the Mamiya 7 or 7II. I have both and would just as soon use one as the other. They are not quite the equivalent of my 4x5 and, of course, lack movements, but they are close enough that when movements are not critical, I pretty much use the Mamiya's--tripod or no tripod.

I am not giving up my Hasselblad gear, it is much too useful to do that, but, for walking around, general use, I highly recommend the Mamiya 7 or 7II.