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The plunging action is smoooother.
You can get the Nikon one for 15 if you watch carefully.
I wouldn't pay more as quite a few offer them at exorbitant prices.

btw CGW: I bet you're always first on the list when people are making their party invites.
That was certainly true with the old copies (which weren't even really copies) back from when the F was current and into the FE/FM era. I thought maybe they did a better job today, and I suppose maybe they aren't all the same and CGW's could be good as the Nikon original. The difference was quite noticeable in the old days; sure the cheapies worked, but not well enough that I preferred them over the bare release.

When I got back into F's a number of years ago I was lucky enough to have a friend give/loan me 3 Nikon made soft releases.