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Yea absolutely Mark, the whole purpose of these things is to allow maybe not less pressure to trip but a smother operation when releasing the shutter.

My guess is the inside where the two cylinders mate/slide isn't machined or finished as well on the aftermarket versions.

I wasn't aware they even would fit an FM/FE. They dont on my FM2. You need the later style that screws into the actual shutter cable release socket in the center of the shutter button.
Now those later types have no moving parts so there is probably no difference at all if Nikon even made any for the FM2.
Guess again.The cheapies I use on FE bodies look/work the same as an AR-1. Hard plastic inside a metal collar that screws into the outer threaded circumference of the shutter button. The AR-1 is just overkill/sucker bait for this application. Those large, threaded, thumb tack-like buttons work on the F3--use an MD-4 and you needn't bother.