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It is inevitable, isn't it? Same film, just a different package and stock number effectively.
I don't think so. I find it to be warmer. Maybe it's E100GX. I will miss it. Its warmer tone and its lower price made it my film of choice in 35mm since Kodachrome died, except for night shots which were on Astia.
The higher price of E100G might scare off some people, but if it helps keep it afloat I don't mind paying it.

It is upsetting to lose a film. I hated to lose Astia; the other Fuji films don't impress me except Provia 400X.
But when I started in the mid 70's there were no differentiated pro and amateur films from Kodak, nor different versions of the same speed within a line, like the Velvias, Astia and Provia or E100G, GX and VS.
From Kodak in daylight balanced slide films there were K-25 and K-64, Ektachrome 64 and High Speed Ektachrome (ASA 160), both blue and grainy. Fuji had its 100ASA film (I don't recall any others), Agfa had its 64 ASA Agfachrome, and then there were the others like GAF and 3M I never bothered with. Somebody had a really grainy high speed film other than Kodak but I don't remember who.

So even if we end up with only a small selection we are still not much worse off than back then, and the films today are much better.