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The ironic thing is, with the benefit of hindsight my guess would be that the reason Plus-X was so relegated was that Kodak had probably just then coated the final runs. They knew it, but we didn't. We were just making educated guesses.

If true, or even just close to true, it makes you wonder what other Kodak films are already dead men walking...
The truth of the matter is that Plus-X was down there for quite some time before you noted it. As TMZ has been. I know that TMZ was down there last year when there was the TMZ shortage. And everyone said TMZ was cancelled, when the reality was it was sold out in the warehouse. A month or two later, Kodak coated another batch and it was back on the market. So equating 'not in a primary location on webpage' to 'the final run has been coated' is probably taking it too far. I do think we can all agree though that the lack of primary location on the webpage is reserved for the slower selling films (now film). But we all know TMZ and Plus-X are less popular than Kodak's other B&W offerings.

Here is the Kodak page in March, 2009:

Here it is in July, 2008:

I had to go back to October 13, 2007 to see Plus-X listed on the main page. It looks like they removed it when Kodak released TMY-2.