i thought about etching or writing on the lens with a marker
but im kind fo sydlecix too and it might confuse me even more
especially if the ground glass is broken too ...
i even thought of writing on the ground glass so i would know
but unfortunately after the 2nd or 3rd roll, i realized the marker
didn't appear on the negative
i tried writing on the film before each shot too ..
but all my shots came out white/ negatives black ...
maybe its my developer ?

i never had this trouble
when i used a yashica 124G, or a mamiya 6iv
so i thought getting a rolleicord would be a piece of cake ...

i hopethe the adapter / accessory bdial mentioned
won't cost more than i paid for the camera ...

thanks for your help .
i'm starting to think i got a hassle-bad instead of a rolleichord