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Let me try this again: the labs aren't there, at least for Canada. TIW is 40 min. away and has a sweet "in by 11 out by 3" service. Demand for E6 service died when pros stopped shooting 120 and 4x5--that's what kept the labs open, not amateurs with a couple rolls a month. Labs couldn't afford to keep large E6 processors repaired, refreshed and running for what became a trickle of work. Perhaps the US is better serviced but mail order processing would sorely test my loyalty to any film if it were the only processing option.
That's weird to me. ANYTHING I don't do at home, I mail order. What's the big problem? This currently includes ALL my color though I am getting back into C41 and RA4 soon - maybe E6 too but haven't decided about that and it became less likely with news of the cancellation of Ilfochrome.

I also online order ALL my film, ALL my paper, ALL my chemicals etc. If there's a place locally to buy anything other than a few rolls of Fuji consumer C41, I don't know where it is. Nor do I really care as it's easier and cheaper, if not faster, to just get it off the 'net delivered conveniently to my door.