I think Kodak's & Fuji's production lines are too big to downsize to what would be, at best, a lunging guess at the new long-term demand -- which is too small to justify the capital investment.

Personally, I'm assuming everything from Kodak and Fuji will eventually go. I expect -- with little relish -- that Rochester will capitulate sooner than we think and in a dramatic, surprise asset liquidation.

It hardly matters. The films I depend on come from small facilities in Leverkusen, Enschede, Samobor, Hradec Králové, Cheshire & Shanghai (most of these brands are APUG advertisers). These factories are experiencing growing demand off of a small but enthusiastic base. US!

Take encouragement from a little aside on the Versalab website:

"A note from Versalab July 2010 - We are pleased to see a considerably improved market for darkroom equipment. This has been on the rise for a year and should be an exciting thought for those reading our web pages. Both new and old experienced photographers are beginning to again enjoy the delights of film, chemistry and paper."

The demise of Big Yellow's film businesses will be interpreted incorrectly in the mainstream to read that film will no longer be used, nuance having been eliminated from the average diet.