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I understand that. It works for me because I have a Jobo and it's easy. I've done it without one and it works and isn't really that difficult, but I might well decide if I didn't have the Jobo that it's more trouble than it's worth.

It's the not mail ordering I found odd. But then again even in the old days I lived in a small town and in the 80s and 90s had to mail order the vast majority of stuff I used, and in those days it was mail or phone and not Internet with computer shopping carts and instant access to inventory information. Film processing is more like it used to be (I did get film processed locally when I didn't do color) but it's easy, if not fast. Fill out the form, drop in mail with film. Takes a while though, granted.
Lucky you. With a JOBO, I'd gladly hunker down and do it. I'm in a big city(Toronto) with a large imaging community.Film's infrastructure here collapsed 5-7 years ago. Kodak Canada closed in 2005. C-41 and E6 lines at pro labs ground to a halt. Even cheap Noritsu/Fuji Frontier labs for 35mm closed at large discount stores in the last 2 years. Demand for film services is near rock bottom. 120 is all I shoot now for film and I'm dealing with one good and(so far)busy lab that still does quality work.