Our November 9, 2011 meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. The location will be:

Aurora Fire Station #3, Community Room
3172 Peoria St (just south of I-70 on Peoria)
Entrance door is on the north side, as is the parking lot.

We will be having an indoor shoot at this meeting. We will be doing what we call ” coffee can photography”. This is still life where light of different colors shines through a coffee can, a cut glass plate is put over the top of the can and you shoot the plate with the different colors as the background. For this you will need a camera, tripod, and color film using a macro lens or a close-up lens since you may be within 6 inches of the plate. If you have a cut glass plate that will fit on the top of a 2-3 lb coffee can you can bring it also.The light source is a small (no larger than 8x10) slide viewer. If you have one please bring it so we can have several setups going at the same time.

We will also do ” cross polarized light”. In addition to the above equipment you will need a polarizing filter. Bring small objects made of clear, hard plastic for use as subjects, ( i.e plastic silverware, Plates filters covers, etc.).

There will be a short slide show with some of this type of photography at the start of the meeting so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Hope to see you there.