It's not just Freestyle who gouge shipping prices - they could be more flexible and give you the choice of UPS or USPS. And yes, all the other retailers could be so inclined, but I think they find it too hard - UPS will collect from the premises, USPS will require someone to head to the Post Office. (Although I don't quite understand why shipping OS is any different to local - it all has to go to the same PO right?)

I wanted to pick up a used, clear, rear cap for my Tamron 180mm lens from another retailer - a very reasonable $9.00 which I was happy to pay. That was, until I got to the checkout - $68 for shipping??!! Are they crazy?

I fully appreciate that shipping does take time, but expecting someone to pay $68 for an item that would be lucky to weigh 100g is beyond a joke - it's an outright insult.

Insurance problems? Easy, you get it it insured or you don't - choice is yours and you state that fact upon checkout. (A rear cap, I wouldn't bother with, a lens I most certainly would.)

Courier vs Postal Service? - having a choice would be nice guys.