The 45 is a wonderful lens- one of the best 'normal' lenses ever I think. As is the 21 should one of those find it's way to you. I'm one who has shot both the G1 and G2 and find the G2 better all around. There were occasional focus issues with the G1, but rarely with the 45 in my experience. The main problem with the G1 for me was the MF dial, and the lack of an adequate lock on it. My camera would often switch to MF mode, and be way out of focus when I made a quick grab shot. I'd notice the VF readout after making the exposure and find the camera set to infinity not AF. It happened way too often and while it certainly could be how I handled the camera or got it in and out of the bag- it was annoying- often. The G2 by comparison has about perfect ergonomics in every way for this shooter. I often wish my M7 could take a few lessons from the G2.