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So it is quite common that the developer fluid comes out colored after developing? Maybe it is just normal. Sorry, but only just started developing.
There are a number of things used in the manufacture of black and white film that are rinsed out when you develop the film, and some of them impart colour to the chemicals.

The colour will vary with the film (including the format) and, to a certain extent, the choice of chemistry. It may even vary with pH if you are doing water rinses.

I pre-rinse all my black and white film before adding the developer (a choice that is somewhat controversial) and the colour of the pre-rinse water varies considerably with the film. My guess is that the initial colour comes from the anti-halation dies added to the sub-strate.

My favourite pre-rinse colour is the beautiful cyan tinged dark blue I get when I develop 120 Plus-X .

While some of the colour creating agents are removed with just a water pre-rinse, others will not become evident until you are further along with the process.