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Young people don't print photos, except to give to their unhooked grandparents or to hang on a wall. It's more and more a niche business (like film) and less mass market.
This is 100% true.
Railroads killed themselves because they thought they were in the railroad business instead of the transportation business. The USPS is slowly bleeding to death because of the unions, retirements and everything but they still think they are in the letter business not the communication business.

Kodak is in the image business and the quoted fact above means printers will go the way of the typewriters, they need to be more visionary about being in the image business.

They are selling everything they own it seems, all I. property rights are spinning out the door to keep them afloat and the future investors will not want to invest in film, so it will fade faster and faster. I believe if you like Kodak film and paper, buy it and freeze it now.