The Konvas seems like a great camera but for a little more money say 1400 you can find (with some luck) an Arri 35 II with a Schneider lens set. By the way I would never buy a Konvas that only costs 300$ as you're likely to have to invest a few 1000 $ for repairs. And Mustafa you're absolutely right when you say that LOMO lenses were good they still are by the way after all the famous Vantage Hawks used for movies like Star Wars Episode one and Das Leben der Anderen are nothing but rehoused and slightly recomputed (some say that even the recalculation was done in Russia) Lomo Anamorphic lenses. This is actually one of the reason why I hate the Lomographic society they use the name of a first class optical company (optically on par with Zeiss not always mechanicaly though) and drag the good name of Lomo trough the mud by selling low tech low quality products that were not even made by LOMO.