Had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Charles Berger yesterday. I was very impressed by his willingness to share his knowledge of carbon & carbro and he's a really nice guy to boot. BUT he brought with a portfolio of ultrastable and color carbro prints that were just outstanding and I'm still trying to pull my jaw off the floor.

Here's my best attempt to describe the ultrastable prints. They had a physical presence and tactile quality that certainly made them so much more than a print. The depth and richness of the colors were pure eye candy. The reds and purples were hypnotic and I could hardly pull my gaze from them. The sharpness and detail were perfection and these were large, mostly 16 x 20 or bigger. He had prints on heavy water color papers, smooth papers and melenex and all of them were quite extraordinary.

So if you get the opportunity to see some ultrastable prints I would encourage you to do so. They are truly objects of great beauty.