Heck yes. I have still not received a final quote from H.W. Sands for 1.3g of SDA30057. They are the first company that I have ever ordered from who insisted on a "Formal Purchase Order".
I finaly downloaded a generic P.O. from an internet legal co, at a price. My P.O.#(sands insisted on one) was 0001. They have gotten very officious since I last dealt with them.
A couple of dyes come to mind. But I will go over my notes and give you specific Dyes in which I have inteerest.
Its a long time 'til Easter and egg dying time. I could have the most expensive easter eggs in California!
But,actualy, I am more interested in what you might have in mind for green and red sensitizing. And anti-halation is something I have never worried about yet.