asking a bit much, but durst enlargers are good quality.

there are many enlargers out there that can handle medium format, but you have to be wary about if the enlarger needs an extra condenser or not (does not pertain to diffusion enlargers), and if the negative carriers are included or easy to buy. I know durst has a universal carrier that you can easily adjust sizes with to mask.

the enlarger lens market is currently a buyer market, its really cheap to get really awesome stuff online, and at auction. I see el nikkors, rodagons, componons, and all the other older lenses (ektars, wollenstocks, etc) go for 10% of their original retail price. the only ones i see retaining a good deal of their value are the apo versions, not needed if you only plan doing b&w.

I suggest do a bit more research, set a budget, and go for it. clicking the shutter is only 1/125 second, the real meat of it is in the darkroom, its where the magic happens.