Of course, pH normal unammoniacal emulsion should be 5.5-6.5. But it isn't the case of low pAg emusion. Such pH along with Ag-excess give enough reduction power to gelatin (even inert) and reduce too much silver. I can't use TAI under my task condition.

The only way I see to have Ag-excess and to stop the fog at least some days (without TAI) is probably to hold up pH at very low values. In combination with inert gelatin (the oxidized one is still better, but I haven't it). I hope in this way to attain the acceptable results, comparable with Carroll silver-excess emulsions. At least I'll try it.

Tomorrow I am going to try aforementioned recipe with some modifications. I'll change HCl by H2SO4 for start condition and will be use acid water for emulsion washing - acidifying water by H2SO4. I hope that by using pH=2-3 water for washing I'll keep up finish pH value well below 3,5 of Carroll limitation.

Ron, what is IDK? Unfortunately I can understand this phrase at all - "IDK offhand why yours is so low." My English is limped on both legs...

About Burt Carroll. Unfortunately I don't know the exact date of his joining Kodak. He could change a lot of his opinions under the blessed sky of Kodak. Yes of course. But why do we think about his Ag-excess emulsions that "may be kept for at least a month without noticeable increase in fog" as of the "opinion"? Especially if such emulsions were been using in his experiments on sensitizing primitive emulsions by colloids?

I can think of Carroll as the researcher with his attendant evolution of opinions, but I can't to think of Carroll as a joker.

Ron, who is Jim Browning? And are there among his formulae some interesting for Ag-excess?