Looks like you found the local sources.
Another inexpensive source of beakers, funnels is Ikea - their plastic measuring stuff, funnels, and brushes (for cleaning out long thin containers) are only a few $ and work great.

Ditto on the info about using USPS mail for getting stuff from Freestyle. Freestyle is great and I use mail all the time when I can't find it locally - Canada Post only charges $5 or $8 to do the brokerage (unlike the big brown guys - I once was charged $40 brokerage for a $20 book because the sender shipped the wrong way!!! #$**GRR.... will never ship by UPS if I don't have to)

A couple of other Canadian suppliers are BigCameraWorkshops in Ont, and locally (to me) TheCameraStore run by a great bunch of guys who still stock quite a bit of analog in Calgary and ship mail order.