On a serious note, I have a very high opinion of this film. I've spent some time learning how to properly expose and print it, and have tried in it every format from 35mm to 8x10. By next Spring I
hope to be making 30x40 Fuji CA Supergloss prints from it, since all my 30x40 Cibachromes are now
sold out. It's certainly not the most forgiving of color neg films, and perhaps not the best choice
for general portraiture; but it can deliver. The first thing one needs to do is learn proper color balancing filtration outdoors. I always take along an 81A and 81C for overcast days or deep shade
under blue skies, respectively. You CANNOT correct for a serious lighting imbalance afterwards, no
matter what the Photoshop geeks tell you. You might be able to shoot at a lower ASA and get sufficient exp to all three dye layers; but it's better to filter correctly in the first place.